Children deprived of education

I dont know these kids are school going or not, but have seen many around Chandigarh who can not afford school education, although Govt. is trying to pass “Right to education bill”  where primary education will be provided to each child, but actual implimantation may take several years.

I will be visiting slum areas around Chandigarh to arrange classes for children. I along with my friends will pool our funds to buy notebooks and other material, and if successful then planning to do on weekly basis.

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Reduce personal expenses for charity

August 12, 2009 1 comment

I belong from middle class and do not have big bank balance. But as I want to do something for needy people of India, I am saving from my salary.

I decided not to atleast increase my personal expenses from now on unless very urgent. Earlier I was planning to buy a bike for updown to my job, but dropped the idea. I already have a two wheeler and can manage with it. Instead of spending on monthly EMI for new vehicle I will save that money for charity.

Normally I keep spare 10% of my earnings for charity/regious purpoase and handover to parents to spend for most obvious purpose they know better.

Now with this extra savings I will be visiting to Vrindavan/Mathura’s  old age homes and will try to arrange some needy things to them.

Other expenses where I am making cuts :

  1. Costly cloths for myself
  2. New electronic items ( I was planning to purchase new pocket camera but now holding on to that now)
  3. Weekend dine outs
  4. Running car as minimal as possible to save petrol cost

Hoping to save that much enough that can serve the purpose.

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Visiting Old Age Homes in Aug

I am going to visit some sites in Aug end.  Where I will select some charity organisations who serve humanity and where I can find people in real need of food, clothes and medicine.

Then I will get whatever funds I can arrange personally and help them. My target area is Uttar Pradesh around Mathura. I will look specifically Old age widow homes in dire need of funds.

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What I saw in remote India.

During my photography trips cum religious journeys I happen to see some sorrow images of my fellow Indians.

I realised that how miserable life they are living. They are not even able to get daily food. Many do not have clothes to cover their body properly. No medication available to them. They are poorest of poor.

There are hundreds of aged widows living in remote areas, deprived of their basic human rights. They are so lean due to lack of proper food.

There are countless handicapped people needing help to survive.

Children of India are devoid of  Study, they can not go to schools. They have to work from early age to earn some livelihood for their families. Their childhood has lost in doing petty jobs  here & their.
And on the other side, lot of wealth has accumulated in a few hands. We are seeing how India’s future is bright & shining.

We are going to become Super power in this century. Seen in Media how India’s growth rate is at high line compare to many developed countries.

The economy of India is the fourth largest in the world by GDP measured on a purchasing power parity, twelfth largest in the world by market exchange rates.

Does this all means anything to the people at ground level.

For the poorest of poor Indian population we need to do something. Although there are many Non profit organizations doing marvelous job. But still a lot needs to be done.

All of us need to change our mind set. We need to think abt our Indian people, if we can spare some time from our busy life and visit these slum areas and spend our hard earned money in buying some food, clothes & medicines and distribute to needy people, I guarantee you will feel so proud on yourself and filled with confidence/motivation that you are a true citizen.

Thats at Individual level. But can we do something collectively.

Can we do something to make a plan to pool our funds and do this exercise on regular basis.

Can we voluntarily come forward to at least discuss about re building our India, where everybody sleep with stomach full of food.

No body dies due to lack of medicare.

Each child is sent to school.


Its a daunting task but I am very much optimistic that We all together can turn this around.

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